About Us

Our aims and objectives.

Uniting regional coppice groups

The National Coppice Federation has grown out of the wish for regional coppice groups to unite under one banner.


The National Coppice Federation aims to:

  • Promote coppicing as a form of woodland management that provides economic, ecological and culturally significant benefits
  • Bring together regional coppice groups and provided a unified voice for the industry
  • Encourage and promote the highest standard of practice, and the quality of products within the coppice industry


Networking is key – this website will be our main tool of communication and for linking up coppice workers around the country.

Training – we need high quality, well resourced apprenticeships and short courses to help new entrants into the coppice industry.

Resource – raising the quality of the coppice resource, we aim to look at restoration of derelict coppice, contracts with woodland owners, good practice, grading of coppice and tie it all into our 100 Coppices campaign.

Lobbying – The NCFed represents fairly small scale businesses so we are particularly feeling the pressure of increasing regulation. We want to ensure that the needs of coppice businesses are heard loud and clear. Coppicing and the concerns of coppice workers often fails to be heard at a level where policy and decisions are made. Having an organisation to represent local coppice groups allows us to get our message across. We deliver sustainable timber and wood products as well as environmental, cultural and heritage benefits and we need to blow our own trumpets a bit more. So far we have had invitations to attend the Grown in Britain campaign launch at the House of Lords in November 2013 and a seminar on The Future of Learning and Development in the English Woodland Sector at Highgrove in February 2014. We will continue to seek out these opportunities to promote the coppice industry and raise the profile of coppicing in Britain.

Insurance – We broker excellent insurance deals for our professional members.

Marketing – We want to prioritise getting the message out there that buying wood products from your local woodland is very important.

Create new Coppice Groups – We want to support coppice workers to form more local groups. The coppice groups that form the backbone of the NCFed have been established for a number of years but coppicing is growing and we know that what works best is your own local network so we will actively support new groups and encourage more to affiliate with the NCFed. You will find details of how to set up a new group in the ‘Members Pages’

Who We Are

Carolyn, Toni, Ian, Toby, Paul, Helen, Dave, Brian, Rebecca, Richard – all rather wet but happy to be launched!

Committee structure

12 directors on the committee, including a chair – a maximum of 9 elected – remainder co-opted to a maximum of 12 to ensure a regional representation. Each coppice group may only elect 1 director.


Company limited by guarantee, company number 8625951.

Inaugural meeting 20th April 2013 hosted by the Malvern Hills Coppice Group. Launched 16th Oct 2013 at St. John’s, Smith Square, Westminster, London.


Annual AGM at the NCFed Gathering. Also 3-4 meetings per year via conference calls and where possible one other face-to-face meeting per year, as well as e-mail contact.