Ways of Joining NCFed

NCFed is a federation of affiliated coppice groups and we encourage individuals wishing to become a part of  NCFed to contact and join their local affiliated group (click here to view list and map). If there is a not an affiliated group in your area we can help you get one started. Corporate membership is also available to organisations wishing to support the aims of Ncfed.

So, to summarize, the methods of joining NCFed are….

  1. Group Membership – join an existing affiliated group or affiliate your existing group
  2. Form a New Group –  start a new group yourself where a suitable one does not already exist
  3. Supporters Membership – for coppice businesses and allied organisations
  4. Co-opted Membership – to serve as a director

 1. Group Membership

Membership is open to all coppice groups with 10 or more people.  The term ‘Group’ can mean

  • any constituted formal geographically based group
  • a non-constituted, informal local group of individuals sharing an interest in coppicing
  • a coppice trade group (e.g. a charcoal burners group)

Membership Fee:  £2 / person (£20 minimum fee per group). Due on April 27th each year.

Payment: please visit the ‘payments‘ page for details on how to pay

How to affiliate your existing group

  • Constituted groups should complete the ‘Membership Application Form’ below and return to the membership secretary.
  • Non-constituted (informal) groups should complete both the ‘Membership Application Form’ and the ‘Registration Form’ and return them to the membership secretary.

Membership Application Form

Membership Registration Form


How to join if you are an individual?

Individuals can join any existing affiliated group if they so wish, thereby becoming a member of NCFed by default through the Groups membership (click here to view list of affiliated groups)

Need help?   For further help and information please contact the membership secretary – membership@ncfed.org.uk

2. Forming a new group

NCFed are keen to encourage new groups (area or trade specific) to get started if you cannot find an existing affiliated group suitable for you to join. We can help you with ‘advice’ on how to start a new group. All you need to do is get 10 people who are willing to pay £2 each and be a named member of your group and then affiliate your new group with NCFed by completing the forms in section 1 above under the ‘how to affiliate your group’ heading.

For some basic advice on starting a new group click here.

For further details contact the membership secretary –  membership@ncfed.org.uk

3. Supporters Membership

This is open to all organisations who wish to support the coppice sector and the aims of the NCFed.  Membership applications are welcome from any organisations which may be directly or indirectly connected with the Coppice sector.

You will need to complete the ‘NCFed Registration Form’ below and return to the membership secretary together with your fee.

Fee: £20 per organisation

Membership Application Form



For any further details please contact the membership secretary membership@ncfed.org.uk

4. Co-opted membership

Because all directors have to be members, this membership category allows NCfed to co-opt individuals onto the board of directors who have specific skills and knowledge which the board of directors deem to be necessary to help further the organisations aims and objectives. There are a maximum of 12 directors, of which up-to 3 may be co-opted.


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