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The Cleft Stick is intended to disseminate news and information within NCFed. It is distributed by email only to all NCFed member groups and organisations, and to appropriate individuals,  non-affiliated groups and organisations.

It will be issued quarterly.

To contribute please email

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Current Issue

Cleft Stick, Feb 2016, Issue 6

Back Issues

Cleft Stick, Oct 2015, Issue 5

Cleft Stick, April 2015, Issue 4

Cleft Stick, June 2014, Issue 3

Cleft Stick, January 2014, Issue 2

Cleft Stick, November 2013 – Prototype


This is your newsletter, and we need your news! Local, regional or national – we want to hear it. If you have anything which you think will be of interest to the UK Coppice Industry then please send it to the Cleft Stick Editor.

Please note – your contribution may be used for the Cleft Stick Newsletter, as a website post, or for the NCFed Facebook page.

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