Find Your Local Charcoal Supplier

Did you know that buying British barbecue charcoal….

  1. supports sustainable woodland management
  2. helps sustain your local coppice worker
  3. helps protect, preserve and restore wildlife rich woodlands
  4. reduces the unsustainable importing of foreign charcoal
  5. results in a better barbecue as British made charcoal really is best
  6. reduces your CO² footprint
  7. We could go on……

We’re currently working on creating a database of all the charcoal makers across the UK (see below if you’re one of them!). In the meantime please click here to find your local supplier

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Calling ALL UK based charcoal burners

Q …Do you source all your material from sustainably managed woodland?
Q …Do you want to get sales requests DIRECT from the public?

A …If yes, submit your details below to get your FREE entry included in this database.
You do not have to be a member of NCFed.

Note:- ALL details entered below will be published so please only enter data you want available to the public.