New Coppice Network in East Anglia

On the 4th of October this year, 15 coppice workers in East Anglia got together in Saffron Walden to discuss setting up some sort of coppice group.  It was decided to go ahead and to call the new group the East Anglia Coppice Network.  The general opinion was to have a loose network of coppice workers who would meet on a regular basis to discuss matters of mutual interest.  At least at this stage, it was felt that setting up a more formal group with constitution, officers, accounts, etc. was not what was needed.
The meeting also decided to join the National Coppice Federation, becoming its 13th member.  Paul Vodden, who, along with Andy Basham in whose wood the meeting took place, had called the meeting, offered to take on the role of NCFed rep for a year until the Network has had time to bed down.  After a year he would stand down and make room for someone else to take over.
Another meeting to discuss in more detail what Network members want to achieve and to go into more detail about its future work, will be called shortly.
Anyone in East Anglia who has not already been contacted and who would like to become involved please contact Paul Vodden on 07891053256.
The photograph is of the delegates attending the inaugural meeting and was taken by Rachel Kellett.


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