Local Charcoal Campaign

At the AGM in 2014 in Dorset some 12 or so charcoal burners broke off from proceedings and held a meeting to discuss the issues surrounding  making charcoal in the 21st century. As a result a sub-committee was formed to drive forward our agenda. The group met again at the 2015 AGM where we talked to a representative from the Leeds School of Design whom have offered to help us create a new charcoal bag.

Charcoal Campaign Sub-Committee

The sub-committee is chaired by Ian Taylor from CANW, and contains 8 other members as below:

Ian Taylor, Chair, Lakeland Coppice Products. Cumbria, Email: ian@lakelandcoppiceproducts.co.uk
Dave Jackson, Wildwood Coppice Crafts, Worcestershire Coppice Group, Email: info@wildwoodcrafts.com
Paul Vodden, East Anglia Coppice Group
Bill Oakes, North East Coppice Group
Iain Loasby
Jason Smith, CANW
James Benson, CANW
Duncan Winton, Avon & South Cotswolds Coppice Group

If you have the time, energy or ideas and would like to be apart of this sub-committee then please get in touch.

The burning issues…

Some aims and ideas discussed were…

  1. To create a NCFed Charcoal Burners Trade Group to act as a catalyst for the industry
  2. To design and produce a new generic NCFed charcoal bag for use by any burner
  3. To raise awareness of local charcoal suppliers amongst the general public
  4. To develop a central database of charcoal suppliers on the NCFed website
  5. To help increase direct sales and therefore profitability
  6. To add value to local charcoal as a niche product
  7. To explore the potential of the Biochar market
  8. To share skills, knowledge and technical developments
  9. To share marketing skills
  10. To explore having a trade specific website to promote British Charcoal
  11. To explore funding joint ‘Buy Local, Buy British Charcoal’ advertising campaigns

Local Charcoal Suppliers Directory

In order to make it easier for the public to find a source of local charcoal, there is now a free database of suppliers names and contacts, all listed alphabetically under their county.

You can submit your details NOW by filling in the form below.

Note: The directory is for public sales and outlets so if you don’t want the public phoning you up it is not for you!

We need your input

We cant do everything ourselves. We need your help. Do you have any specialist skills that could help with any of the above?

For instance, do you have…

  • graphic design skills for new charcoal bag?
  • marketing / advertising skills?
  • general organisational skills?
  • time on your hands?
  • constructive ideas and comments?

If so, get involved, let us know what you think needs doing, and sign up to the Local Charcoal Suppliers Directory now!



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