Insurance Scheme for NCFed Members

The insurance requirements of coppice and woodland workers are many and varied. Beech Tree Insurance is offering a discount for members of coppice groups affiliated to the NCFed and will endeavour to cover peoples varied needs.


Beech Tree Insurance – NCFed Members

Please contact Gary Alexander of Beech Tree Insurance and talk through your individual requirements.

T: 01273 475 276
M: 07879 657 243

Members constituted groups please obtain the Insurance Confirmation Form from your Membership Secretary. Members of any other (non-constituted) groups please contact Toni Brannon by mailing to obtain written confirmation of your membership.

This will need to be sent to Beech Tree Insurance for you to obtain the discounted premium, but it can be attached to an e-mail.


The following are only general examples of premiums to give some idea but Beech Tree Insurance will underwrite all cases individually to make sure everyone receives a fair deal according to their specific needs.

Example: annual premium cost £314

  • £10 million employer’s liability and £5 million public and product liability.
  • Chainsaw use to the level qualified. Cutting above ten foot height not included but can be agreed on application.
  • Wood conversion to cordwood, logs and other products.
  • Use of powered equipment on site not on the road.
  • Tool cover not included but can be quoted separately.
  • Please note that liability insurance cannot be a substitute for relevant Motor Insurance as required by law.
  • Hedge laying and charcoal production.
  • Attending and demonstrating at shows.
  • Each individual will need to attend one “event” per year which could include the National Coppice Federation Gathering/AGM or a local coppice group meeting/get together or show.
  • Training courses, guided walks and school visits.
  • Based on an annual business turnover up to £20,000 per year

As a guide…..  someone who earns upto £45,000 annual turnover, the cost would be around £464. For those earning in between £20,000 and £45,000 the premium would be set at an appropriate level between the two. In all cases, each individuals circumstances would be taken into account.

 NCFed Contact

This scheme has been negotiated by our insurance officer, Toni Brannon (Hampshire).

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