The situation with grants for coppicing is about to undergo radical change. Up until September 2014 it will be possible to still apply for the Forestry Commission’s English Woodland Grant Scheme (The situation in Scotland and Wales is different) The main grant for coppicing is under the Woodland Improvement Grant which pays 50% or 80% of standard costs for capital items depending on whether you are in a priority area or not. A Felling Licence can be obtained at the same time.

Coppicing, thinning, felling, fencing and deer management works can all be submitted. Payment will be 50% or 80% of:

  • Coppicing >30yr £1800 / ha • Coppicing <30yr £1200 / ha
  • Coppicing no value and burn £2400/ha • Felling £600/ha
  • Timber extraction £350/ha (less estimated timber income)
  • Stock fencing £4.50/m + £0.50/m for removal of old fences
  • Deer fencing £7.80/m • Temporary deer fencing £5.20/m
  • Supply of tree, with shelter and plant £3 per tree
  • Wall gapping/stalking/marking @ £150 per day

From 2015 we will be entering a new round of EU funding and there is likely to be a hiatus while the grants come on line Under the working title of New Environmental Land Management Scheme (NELMS) these grants will replace the present EWGS scheme and the Farm Environment schemes such as Higher Level Stewardship (HLS). They will be administered by Natural England and for all the grumbling that surrounds the FC grants it would seem unlikely that we will have such a good system of Woodland Officers to ease the pain of applying for forestry grants in future.  However we will endeavour to keep you up to date with this changing situation.

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