Directors & Officers


Brian Williamson – Chair & Cleft Stick Newsletter Editor (Avon and South Cotswolds Coppice Group)

Rebecca Oaks – Secretary (Coppice Association North West)    

Helen Waterfield – Treasurer & Social Media -Co-opted (Cymdeithas Coedlan Cymru – Wales Coppice Association)

Toni Brannon – Membership and Insurance Officer (Hampshire Coppice Craftsmen Group)

Martin Hales – Biosecurity Officer (Herefordshire Coppice Group)

Chris Letchford (Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group)

Ken Hilton (Dorset Coppice Group)

Andy Alder (East Midlands Coppice Newtork)

Rob Newby (Five Shires Coppice Group)

Non Elected Officers


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