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The 2017 NCFed AGM & Gathering

Hosted by the Avon and South Cotswolds Coppice Group (ASCCG)

Ruskin Mill, Nailsworth, Glos., 14th and 15th October 2017

Once again the NCFed's annual Gathering and AGM is creeping up. This is the only truly national gathering for coppice workers where we have a chance to learn, talk and discuss the issues facing our industry, whilst having a bit of fun to boot.

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NCFed - Home to the UK Coppice Industry.

The National Coppice Federation has grown out of the wish for regional coppice groups to unite under one banner as a federation of groups.

If you work in coppice then:
  • Join NCFed by either joining your local coppice group or create a new group where one does not already exist
  • Book your ticket to the annual gathering and meet other coppice workers, learn new skills and add your voice to the many
  • Get involved - contribute to this website, participate in the forum, projects and campaigns
  • Be informed about issues affecting biosecurity, pests, products, health & safety and legislation
  • Sign up to the Cleft Stick - the NCFed Newsletter - keep in touch with whats happening nationally and regionally
  • Take advantage of special deals - checkout the amazing Insurance deal for NCFed members

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